About Us


Vision, Mission and Objectives


The 12 Allies Network is a non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit, non-commercial, non-sectarian, social and philanthropic organization established in 2012.

The long-term vision of 12 Allies is a community where everyone’s basic needs are met. To achieve this in the short term, we offer social and humanitarian services to populations in need in United States territories and abroad. To effect long-term community improvements, we work to increase awareness of the issues facing vulnerable populations.


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The 12 Allies Network brings hope, resources, and support to the poor and most vulnerable among us, regardless of faith, race, marital status, or living condition. We draw the strength of our diversity, resources and experience, to promote innovative solutions and advocate for moral and ethical responsibility. We seek to facilitate lasting change:

1. Strengthening the self-sustaining capacity

2. Providing self-help

3. Delivering humanitarian aid when needed


1. Help socially and economically in the development of our community by participating in activities that promote their well-being and growth.

2. Provide financial and moral support to orphanages.

3. Provide resources such as school supplies and uniforms to children in impoverished communities, who would otherwise be without these resources.

4. Assist the elderly with services that allow them to lead a meaningful and independent life.

5. Provide humanitarian assistance to communities within the United States and abroad, with innovative and relatively quality programs.



Our core team is made up of what we call the "12 Allies." This group of twelve is the axis of the organization, which has on its shoulders the responsibility of the vision, mission and objectives of the institution. This select group of twelve are colleagues with a clear commitment to meet the objectives of the organization.


Our many partners understand that joining forces with Los 12 Allies can significantly impact the quality of life for the most vulnerable in our communities. Our partners will pool their funds, resources, and ideas to achieve our goals, assisting us in our missions as we turn our vision into reality.


Our corporate alliances unite the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of the private sector with the social, economic and humanitarian objectives of the 12 Allies. Our results-focused partnerships, such as organizations, foundations, and the faith community, make a difference in the important work the network does across a wide range of challenges.


The Friends of the 12 Allies Network are a group of dedicated volunteers interested in helping to strengthen the institution’s services.